Friday, October 10, 2008

Two New and Free Bolt Coloring Pages

Ok, two more Free Bolt Coloring Pages are here.

And we have all the usual suspects: Bolt, Rhino (the hamster), and Penny… And boy, Penny looks stressed out on that cell… No easy owning a superhero for a pet :)

By the way, I’ve checked out the trailer, and this looks like a great family cartoon. Seems that Disney has done it again.

So get your pencils and printers ready, and off you go!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bolt Coloring Pages 2

Free Disney's Bolt coloring pages are beginning to pop around the net. Sometimes you can find them under American dog coloring pages. As the cartoon is getting ready to launch across the theaters, the coloring pencils are lightning up in front of the sharpeners and are getting all excited.

What makes a good coloring page? (other than being free :) ) It has to have characters that kids respond to. And kids do love puppies. Or yes they do. I have yet to find a kid who would announce emphatically "I don't want a puppy!"... So, be prepared that when you give the kid all these wonderful Bolt coloring pages, you may be setting up the scene for the "I want a doggy" conversation.

Happened to a friend of mine. When she got her son a whole set of Wall-e coloring pages, all her son wanted was a robot to call his own. Luckily, buying a toy robot in a store is not as stressful as getting a dog...

On the other hand, these coloring pages can be great linguistic tools. Nothing gets the kid more talkative than going through the steps of why he chose this or that colour for the picture he's "painting". Don't be shocked if Bolt turns out to be blue on a gloomy day, or if Mittens (the cat) or Rhino (the hamsters) are red because they are angry or yellow cause it's sunny. Kid's imagination translates wonders into colors.

Last, but not least, save the colored masterpieces. These pages might have been free, and might be colored in funny, but they sure do bring happy memories in years to come.