Saturday, December 6, 2008

Free Even Newer Bolt Coloring Page

This Bolt coloring page stars Penny, the girl voiced by Miley Cyrus. Penny is the girl Bolt is so desperate to find.

By the way, here is some trivia about Bolt and coloring:

Bolt movie was originally supposed to be titled American Dog, with the star dog named Henry.

Bolt is a White Shepherd, which is the same as German Shepherd except for the color.

Crayons where invented in 1903 and came in just 8 colors (compared to modern over 120).

Disney’s first cartoon came out in 1923. It was not colored with crayons and had no dogs in it ;)

Over a hundred years later you get to combine Disney and Crayons and make a masterpiece of your own. Print the free pictures on this site and have fun!

Be sure to check my older posts for coloring pages of Bolt, Rhino, Penny, Mittens and others.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

All New Bolt Coloring Pages

Check out these all new Bolt Coloring Pages. And really high quality ones. I’ve got Bolt,


and Rhino

plus a few more, just for kicks:

Oh, and remember that thing about Miley Cyrus? Turns out they are in great demand, so check out Miley Cyrus coloring pages here. I’m beginning to wonder if next kids will be coloring John Travolta…

Anyways, I still think Rhino is the best. I think Disney has a great knack for making cute little animal characters. They have proven it again and again. And to think that our ancestors didn’t have cartoons! Or free printables! What did they do on weekends?

By no means am I a proponent of endless TV and movie watching, but come on! A little bit of pure fun never hurt anybody. Ad did I mention that coloring is good for you? Yup. It’s a scientific fact. I’m sure of that.

Nuf chatting. Time for crayons.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More Bolt Coloring Pages

Well, I did promise more Bolt coloring pages. So I got them. Ready for your printing consumption.

We also have quite a lot of Rhino the hamster, cause I think he’s absolutely adorable.

And we have the pigeons.

I’m really beginning to wonder how many kids going to see it for Bolt himself, and how many are going cause they are fans of Miley Cyrus. I simply can’t believe how popular that girl is. Maybe next kids gonna want to Miley coloring pages?

I don’t know… Just checking. You never know with kids. Coloring puts them in this whole other world where they get to really identify with the characters. And there are probably quite a lot of girls out there wanting to be Miley.

But really… Why are coloring pages so popular? Is it just the make belief? Or something more substantial. I find it quite remarkable that in the age of video games and all kinds of hi-tech entertainment kids still crave all fashioned pen and paper experiences. There must be an inherent value.

Ok, I’m getting off my philosophical ramble. Here are the Bolt coloring pages, just as promised. Enjoy!

PS: check older posts for more pictures and printing instructions...

Monday, November 17, 2008

A Lot of Free Printable Bolt Coloring Pages

Now that we are right next to the release of Disney’s Bolt, the search for free Bolt coloring pages is on. I know. I checked the stats. It looks like the cartoon is going to be quite big with the kids. Which it should be. It’s the holiday season, and parents are feeling the pressure of taking them out and filling in the happy holiday spirit. And it’s not like they can take them to see the latest Bond flick…

The best thing about cartoons is that when done right they can be enjoyed by all members of the family. Kids like the funny characters, the simple story line, the colors, and the slapstick… As adults we like to see whether we can recognize John Travolta in a pup. Though in Bolt’s case I’m sure many a kid will be trying to determine if Penny resembles Miley Cyrus in any recognizable way.

But getting back to the point of this blog… As the movie is not even out yet, printable coloring pages have been hard to find. So we decided to make some. But somehow “some” turned into roughly a “gazillion”. So, not been greedy or anything, we’ll be sharing the pictures with you… of course…

Behold the new set of Bolt coloring pages (and Rhino the hamster coloring pages, cause he’s just too cute…):

To print the pictures, right click and download images and then print. Or right click and select print. Whichever you and your computer likes best :)

Have fun coloring!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Two New and Free Bolt Coloring Pages

Ok, two more Free Bolt Coloring Pages are here.

And we have all the usual suspects: Bolt, Rhino (the hamster), and Penny… And boy, Penny looks stressed out on that cell… No easy owning a superhero for a pet :)

By the way, I’ve checked out the trailer, and this looks like a great family cartoon. Seems that Disney has done it again.

So get your pencils and printers ready, and off you go!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bolt Coloring Pages 2

Free Disney's Bolt coloring pages are beginning to pop around the net. Sometimes you can find them under American dog coloring pages. As the cartoon is getting ready to launch across the theaters, the coloring pencils are lightning up in front of the sharpeners and are getting all excited.

What makes a good coloring page? (other than being free :) ) It has to have characters that kids respond to. And kids do love puppies. Or yes they do. I have yet to find a kid who would announce emphatically "I don't want a puppy!"... So, be prepared that when you give the kid all these wonderful Bolt coloring pages, you may be setting up the scene for the "I want a doggy" conversation.

Happened to a friend of mine. When she got her son a whole set of Wall-e coloring pages, all her son wanted was a robot to call his own. Luckily, buying a toy robot in a store is not as stressful as getting a dog...

On the other hand, these coloring pages can be great linguistic tools. Nothing gets the kid more talkative than going through the steps of why he chose this or that colour for the picture he's "painting". Don't be shocked if Bolt turns out to be blue on a gloomy day, or if Mittens (the cat) or Rhino (the hamsters) are red because they are angry or yellow cause it's sunny. Kid's imagination translates wonders into colors.

Last, but not least, save the colored masterpieces. These pages might have been free, and might be colored in funny, but they sure do bring happy memories in years to come.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bolt Coloring Pages Welcome and a Privacy Policy

Bolt is the next big Disney bet coming to a theater near you this November (and the coloring pages in your printer much sooner!).

Disney has a pretty good knack for figuring out what kids want to watch. Heck, they’ve been at it longer than anyone else, so that shouldn’t be too surprising.

Well, now they seem to be getting into the whole 3D animation extravaganza, which they must have learned a whole lot about from the Pixar association.

But Bolt is Disney’s 3D foray without Pixar. I saw the trailer for Bolt, and I’m betting that it will be a pretty decent kid’s outing to keep them happy over this Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

The pup looks awesome. The story seems a cute animal twist on the whole Buzz Lightyear the astro-ranger fantasy, except that here we have a dog who things he’s got superpowers.

“Bolt, a German Shepherd, has lived his whole life as the star of a television show. When he winds up stranded in his trailer in the Nevada desert, Bolt soon finds out he doesn’t really have superpowers like on the show.”

A whole set of Hollywood heavyweights have signed up for the project: John Travolta (as Bolt himself), Woody Harrelson, Miley Cyrus, Bruce Greenwood and Bernie Mac.

By the looks of it, Bolt is promising to be a welcome addition to a family viewing library and the coloring book shelf.

And here is your first teaser coloring page! Print it out and have fun :)


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