Saturday, December 6, 2008

Free Even Newer Bolt Coloring Page

This Bolt coloring page stars Penny, the girl voiced by Miley Cyrus. Penny is the girl Bolt is so desperate to find.

By the way, here is some trivia about Bolt and coloring:

Bolt movie was originally supposed to be titled American Dog, with the star dog named Henry.

Bolt is a White Shepherd, which is the same as German Shepherd except for the color.

Crayons where invented in 1903 and came in just 8 colors (compared to modern over 120).

Disney’s first cartoon came out in 1923. It was not colored with crayons and had no dogs in it ;)

Over a hundred years later you get to combine Disney and Crayons and make a masterpiece of your own. Print the free pictures on this site and have fun!

Be sure to check my older posts for coloring pages of Bolt, Rhino, Penny, Mittens and others.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

All New Bolt Coloring Pages

Check out these all new Bolt Coloring Pages. And really high quality ones. I’ve got Bolt,


and Rhino

plus a few more, just for kicks:

Oh, and remember that thing about Miley Cyrus? Turns out they are in great demand, so check out Miley Cyrus coloring pages here. I’m beginning to wonder if next kids will be coloring John Travolta…

Anyways, I still think Rhino is the best. I think Disney has a great knack for making cute little animal characters. They have proven it again and again. And to think that our ancestors didn’t have cartoons! Or free printables! What did they do on weekends?

By no means am I a proponent of endless TV and movie watching, but come on! A little bit of pure fun never hurt anybody. Ad did I mention that coloring is good for you? Yup. It’s a scientific fact. I’m sure of that.

Nuf chatting. Time for crayons.